Governor John Hickenlooper tours the central plant at 1660 Lincoln

Unico Sustainability’s Adam Knoff had the opportunity to sit down with the Denver Business Journal’s energy reporter, Cathy Proctor, for a follow-up on our role as host to February’s Energy Efficiency Business Coalition roundtable, where Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper celebrated the upgrades Unico implemented at the 1660 Lincoln Building in downtown Denver. In the resulting article, Adam detailed our 18-month retrofit of the building, a main component of which was gutting and replacing the building’s central plant mechanical equipment.

So far, the Energy Star rating for 1660 Lincoln, built in 1972, has risen from 57 to an 89. When the project is completed, the building’s overall energy use is expected to drop 56 percent per square foot. Energy costs are expected to drop 22 percent, from $1.57 per square foot to $1.23 per square foot, and the project is projected to add nearly $1 million to the value of the building. In the article, Adam characterized the upgrades as the “ultimate recycling project,” — and we’re inclined to agree.

Read the article here.

Pictured above: Gov. John Hickenlooper and Unico Sustainability’s Adam Knoff discuss the scope of Unico’s central plant retrofit during his February 6th tour of the 1660 Lincoln Building in Denver.

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